Q: What do volunteers do?

A: Philosophically? Expand our capacity to make Massachusetts better while engaging in fun, energizing work. Literally? Well, you'll just have to check out some opportunities to see!

Q: Okay, why volunteer with the Trustees?

A: As the oldest land conservation non-profit in the country, we know a thing or two about the special places in Massachusetts. You'll work along side some of the greatest people ever to conserve land, and have fun doing it! Whether you are looking to put your green thumb to work or find out how farms run or possibly get inside some of the coolest cultural sites in New England...we have something for you.

Q: I'm not quite sure what I want to do...how do I start?

A: Think of some keywords and use the search feature on the left hand side of the page. Do you really like farms or animals? Are you looking to interpret the past at a historic house? Do you like cheese? You never know what we may offer. You can also search by distance if you are looking for opportunities in your area.

Q: Why do I need a profile?

A: A lot of administration goes on behind the scenes of every volunteer opportunity. In order to coordinate and support the volunteer programs, it's best to know who we are working with. A profile helps us do exactly that. 

Q: I'm ready to go...what next?

A: You can either create a profile first and then go find an opportunity OR the reverse...it's up to you. It may be easier to create the profile first so that you don't run into barriers later.

Q: Why do you do what you do?

A: We started as a volunteer organization and we continue because of people dedicating their free time to this important cause. Making sure that people have access to engage with these beautiful and important resources keeps me coming back day after day. 
Q: How else can I get involved?

A: Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you don't miss our posts, like Wagging Wednesday that's all about dogs. Or become a member so that you can experience all of what the Trustees have to offer!

Q: I'm having some trouble, what can I do?

A: Contact us! Feel free to reach out to Marc Mahan, Volunteer Program Manager at mmahan@thetrustees.org